Seagrass Villas  

As dog owners ourselves we are proud to offer accommodation that caters for your desire to stay in a high level of comfort as well as have your precious pup with you. We do not think that dog owners should stay in sub standard accommodation just because they are travelling with their pooch!

We do however have a few requirements necessary for us to look after our guests, their dog and our own business.

For this reason we would like you to familiarise yourself with our “Dog policy”.

We welcome you and your dog/s to Seagrass Villas. Normanville has a fantastic beach, which is great for letting you and your dog roam freely. Dogs are allowed on the beach all year round as long as they are on a lead. Once past the 200 m north of the jetty, dogs can be off lead as long as you still have control of them. Please be aware that the sand dunes are out of bounds due to bird nesting and vegetation. Please also equip yourselves with “poo bags” available at Seagrass Villas or at the foreshore. These must go in bins provided including at the villa.

The main street and foreshore cafes are very dog friendly, as well as your dog sits quietly beside you on a lead in the alfresco dining areas.

You can also access parks and ovals in the area or simply stroll around and enjoy the landscape. If you are feeling like burning off some energy with your pals then take a walk to Carrickalinga along the bike track.

At Seagrass Villas we are unique in that your dog/s are welcome to be inside. We have provided the “Dog box” which contains treats, towels, bowls and throw overs. We would prefer that your dog does not sleep on the bed or any other furniture however if this happens please use sheets/throw overs to protect the lovely bedding etc. There is an additional dog cleaning fee of $70 as it takes the cleaners longer to clean to ensure that the next guests walk into immaculate accommodation.

Please however, if your dog makes any mess please clean it up! Any damages will need to be either repaired or will be deducted from you credit card. Details of credit card will need to be provided upon or before arrival.

We have provided “dog rocks” these go in the dogs water to stop the grass from burning if urinated on. Please use these and leave in bowl for next visitor.

The villa has a small-grassed courtyard style garden. This is fully fenced and lockable. Please use the “poo bags” provided and deposit in the bin outside. Bags are also placed around Normanville to keep our environment clean. We welcome dogs that are well behaved and fully house trained. If you are not sure of this then maybe you could organise boarding at Willunga or RSPCA at Lonsdale.

Please do not leave your dog unattended at any time whilst staying at Seagrass. This includes both inside and outside. We do not want barking, stressed or bored dogs upsetting the neighbours or property. Ask about our dog sitting service at a small fee to you ($10 per hour).

Finally, please ensure that your dog is fully wormed, treated for fleas and vaccinated to ensure the good health of your dog and others it may come into contact with.

If required there is an excellent vet at Yankalilla whom we recommend.

We look forward to meeting you and hope that you will enjoy your stay at Seagrass.

Thanks for your cooperation with these matters. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns.

Kind regards,

Jane and Lynn

Seagrass Villas Normanville